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Catering to the Growing Gen Z Market with Engaging, Interactive Media Consumption. Ready to elevate your fan engagement? Download our white paper to explore Arena's second screen solutions. Transform your sports strategy today!

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What’s Inside This White Paper

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Turn passive sports viewing into an immersive interactive experience with Arena

With 84% of US adults and a whopping 94% of Gen Z using a second screen while watching games, our solutions leverage this trend to transform fan engagement.

  • Introduction to Second Screen, data, trends & insights for Gen Z and more
  • Use Cases: Super Bowl, UEFA Champions League, and more
  • Tactics: quizzes, Q&A, AMA and more
  • Best practices checklist
  • Building vs buying a second screen solution

Why Engaging Second Screen Experiences Are Game Changers For Publishers

Tap Into the Gen Z Market with Immersive, Interactive Sports Experiences.

Gen Z Is Passionate About Social Media

Gen Z likely uses social media while watching TV and other screen experiences. View that habit as an opportunity to connect while they’re watching.

Multi-tasking Is A Default Gen Z Behavior

For brands and publishers seeking to grow Gen Z engagement, multi-tasking means offering a varied experience is essential.

Gen Z Expects Innovation

Well-crafted second screen experiences unlock tremendous opportunities to deliver innovation and novel experiences to younger audiences.
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